Frequently Asked Questions

Students on a meal plan can use their meal plan swipes during breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night at Cyclone Dining Hall. There are no limits on how many meal swipes you can use throughout the day. Meal Swipes for equivalency can be used once per day. 

As an advantage to your meal plan, meal plan equivalency allows you to use a meal swipe in retail locations and Late Night at Cyclone Dining Hall.

Trotter’s Café and Cyclone Mart

One meal swipe is equivalent to a PICK FOUR meal featuring the Simply to Go menu.

  • One entrée
  • One side
  • Whole fruit or cookie
  • 16 oz fountain beverage


One meal swipe is equivalent to a specific dollar amount determined by meal period.

  • Breakfast 8:00AM-11AM $4
  • Lunch 11AM-2:30PM $5
  • Dinner 4:30PM-6:00PM $6.25

Balances over equivalency amounts listed will be paid with cash, credit, debit, Cyclone Dollars, or Dining Dollars. Students can use one meal equivalency swipe per day at the various locations for a max of 7 per week

Dining Dollars are part of your meal plan, each of the four Resident Meal Plans comes with an allotment of Dining Dollars. Meal plan holders can reload their meal plan at any point in the academic year with additional Dining Dollars by taking advantage of the add $90 Dining Dollars, receive $10 bonus Dollars. Dining Dollars may be used at the following on campus locations: Cyclone Dining Hall, Cyclone Mart, Starbucks, Trotters Cafe & Late Night.
Cyclone Dollars are an additional campus currency, students, faculty, and staff can load Cyclone Dollars on to their Cyclone Card. Cyclone Dollars can be used at all dining destinations on campus, vending machines, the bookstore as well as select off campus locations: Soups on Main, Mama’s Café, Applebee’s (Hackettstown location only), & Rite Aid (Hackettstown location only) 
Cyclone Dollars will remain on students account so long as they are a Centenary University student. Cyclone Dollars can be added in the Business Office.
Available at the Cyclone Mart in the Lackland Center. Pick Four is a grab and go exchange meal: Meal plan holders can pick (1) Entrée, (1) Side, (1) Dessert/Fruit, (1) Fountain Beverage. 

There are exciting dining destinations available during later times in the day. Late Night Dining starts right after dinner at 8:00 pm - 11 pm. Students have access to the Grill at Cyclone Dining Hall and grab and go items at Cyclone Mart.

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit The Cyclone Card office, located in  Student Life as soon as possible to get your replacement card. In the meantime, please ask a manager at the dining location of your choice and we can work with you to ensure you are able to dine using your meal plan. 
  • A lost or stolen Card must be replaced within 48 hours.  
  • The Cardholder must report the loss or theft of the Card immediately upon detection. 
All new residential first-year & transfer students sign up for a meal plan during the housing application process. Returning resident students select their meal plans during the room selection process. Commuters may purchase a commuter plan directly from the Business Office in the Seay Administration Building.

To set up an appointment to discuss menu selection and other options with our Registered Dietitian, Tori Martinez: For students with medical conditions that many impact their ability to dine well on campus, we strongly encourage a conversation with our Registered Dietitian,  Executive Chef,  and our General Manager. In many instances, our dining team can easily assist with special needs.

At each of our dining locations, vegetarians can find many options to suit their dietary needs. In Cyclone Dining Hall our new Vegan Station offers vegan options for every meal. Cyclone Mart offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian to-go options.

MyZone in the Cyclone Dining Hall is a designated gluten-free area with prepackaged foods as well as gluten-friendly options. Additionally, Starbucks & Cyclone Mart all offer gluten-free grab & go options! The Cyclone Dining Hall also offers a Simple Serving station which is free of the top 8 allergens.

For more information for our offerings for dietary restrictions, check out the subsection Food Allergies under our Nutrition page.

Yes, it is! Nutrition information is provided for all menu options at Cyclone Dining Hall and on our online menu. Our Mindful program helps students make easy, healthy choices by identifying menu options that meet certain nutritional criteria with a Mindful apple icon. For more information visit We also have a Registered Dietitian, Tori Martinez, who can work with you to ensure all of your dietary concerns are addressed or answer any questions about eating healthy on campus. She may be contacted at
There are no time restrictions for Cyclone Dining Hall swipes, students can use as many meal swipes per day as they want. Meal swipes can only be used by ID holder only. If a guest meal is needed, meal plan holders will can use Dining Dollars or Cyclone Dollars.
We encourage all customers to immediately ask for a manager or supervisor if there is ever a problem in one of our dining facilities. We realize students have very busy schedules, and if they should not have the time to speak with someone immediately, they can email the General Manager or submit your comment or feedback online. Feedback Form.
Commuter Students can visit any dining location on campus and pay using cash, credit or debit. In addition, Commuter Students can purchase Dining Dollars, Cyclone Dollars or a Commuter Meal Plan. 
Please look under the "Meal Plan" tab, then click "Commuter Meal Plans" to see our two Block Plan options.
 Please visit us at the Business Office to purchase a plan.

Dining dollars come with your meal plans and carry over from semester to semester, but will expire at the end of final exams in the Spring Semester. They can be used on all of our dining locations on campus. You may add more Dining Dollars at any point in the academic year by taking advantage of our add $150 Dining Dollars and receive $15 Bonus Dollars. Please visit the Business Office to add Dining Dollars to your account.

Cyclone Dollars will carry over from semester to semester and stay with your student for the time they are actively enrolled on campus. Cyclone Dollars are another form of currency added to your card that can be used on all campus locations, vending and at the bookstore. Cyclone Dollars are also able to be redeemed on four select off campus locations. Please visit the Business Office to add Cyclone Dollars to your account.

Breakfast: $7.42
Lunch: $9.00 
Dinner: $11.13
Brunch: $11.13
Faculty/Staff Lunch: $7.15 (tax included)

To support requests for dining accommodations, a letter must be provided from a healthcare provider who is currently treating you for the medical condition that is stated in the Application for Dining Accommodations. Learn more: