Eating Healthy

Providing you with healthy options is something your dining team proudly does every day. We help you select delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals, snacks and desserts by highlighting well-balanced menu choices and providing nutritional information and tips to help you make choices that fit your needs.

Food Allergies

Our Registered Dietitian, Tori Martinez, adds another dimension to our dining program by working with our campus community to encourage healthy lifestyles and to help individuals become more comfortable in their dining environment. She has a passion for guiding herself and other individuals toward total body wellness with emphases on food and nutrition. Tori works closely with our Disability and Health Services teams to ensure the health and safety of our students with medical needs. She recommends you check out our daily menus online or on our Everyday app. Come meet Tori at one of her regular special events in the dining hall or contact her at

For students with medical conditions that impact their ability to dine well on campus, we strongly encourage a conversation with Tori: We also encourage speaking with our Executive Chef and our General Manager. In many instances, our dining team can easily assist with special needs.

In the rare instance that Dining Services cannot meet a student’s medical needs within normal service, we may require additional medical documentation to enable us to develop a more specific meal plan accommodation. If applicable, we ask that the student contact the Disability Services Office. Our departments collaborate to serve our students with medical needs related to dining on campus. To contact the DSO, email or call 908-852-1400, extension 2168.

Requesting Dining Accommodations

To support requests for dining accommodations, a letter must be provided from a healthcare provider who is currently treating you for the medical condition that is stated in the Application for Dining Accommodations. Learn more:

Simple Servings


Simple Servings (in Cyclone Dining Hall) Simple Servings is our allergen-safe, dining option for our customers with food allergies, gluten intolerance, or those who prefer plain and simple foods. 

The Simple Servings station offers food free from common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products, sesame, and eggs. All foods offered are also free from gluten-containing ingredients. 

Simple Servings staff members are carefully trained to avoid cross-contact with food allergens. Separate equipment, storage areas, utensils and preparation areas minimize, but do not totally eliminate, the chances of gluten and allergens in our Simple Servings foods. 75% of Simple Servings items also meet our Mindful criteria, which makes it an easy and healthy choice for customers who are focused on ingredients and portion size to control weight, blood sugar and other health issues.

My Zone

MyZone (in Cyclone Dining Hall) My Zone is our campus “pantry” where food items needed by students with Celiac disease or food allergies can be housed with precautions against cross-contact. 

This special area is free of gluten-containing ingredients, as well as tree nuts and peanuts. My Zone gives students the ability to be involved in their own allergen-safe meal preparation. MyZone includes gluten-free bread products, waffles, desserts, and gluten-free appliances such as a microwave.

Mindful mindful-icon-35x32.png

Locate a healthier choice! All Mindful offerings meet stringent nutritional criteria based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Each Mindful item is limited in calories, has fewer than 30% of calories from fat, fewer than 10% of calories from saturated fat, and is restricted in sodium and cholesterol.

VegetarianMenu items with the vegetarian icon contain no meat, fish or poultry, or any meat products such as soup base. Our vegetarian offerings meet the needs of lacto-ovo vegetarians and may include eggs and/or dairy products.

VeganVegan offerings contain no meat, fish, eggs, milk or other animal-derived products such as honey.